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Cox writes letter to Michelle Obama regarding school lunches


Lamar Democrat




Kyler Cox was a fifth grader at West Elementary School when he decided to write First Lady Michelle Obama regarding her school lunch program. Kyler decided that he was going to take a survey on the school lunches from kids at school, because he thought they were “gross”. Kyler said, “I just could not eat them”, so he started having his mom, Traci Cox, fix his lunches for him.


Kyler stated, “The potato’s were watery”, so Kyler and his teacher Mrs. Brandon received permission from the principal to do a survey. The two typed up a page, asking if the kids wanted to change school lunches or not. They received an excellent response from the various Lamar schools, with 34 kids not wanting to change the lunches, but 283 wanting them changed.


Kyler decided he was going to write a letter to First Lady Michelle Obama with the information that he had gathered. Every Wednesday in computer lab, with the help off Mrs. Speights, he worked on his letter. Kyler was very proud of his achievement after finishing the official letter, which he then sent to the White House through the school.


The following is the letter that was written by Kyler:


Dear Michelle Obama,


My name is Kyler Evan Cox. I live in Lamar, Missouri. My school is West Elementary, I am 11 years old and I am in the 5th grade. I was born on September 12, 2001 that was the day after the twin towers fell down. I have heard so much about you and I think you are lucky to be the first lady for another term.


I am starting a lunch changing program at my school. I have gathered information about how many students want to change the lunches. So far my data shows that students want to change the school lunches. My total for nine classes is 182 students voted that they wanted to change the school lunches and 27 students do not want to change the school lunches. I was hoping you might have some suggestions about something that can help me. If you do have some ideas just tell me please. It would be cool if you could come in person but you are probably too busy so if you have the time maybe you could write a letter instead.


The reason why I am doing this is because I wanted to make a difference. I have heard many say that there was something wrong about their food. Or they don’t like the small portions that they got. My brother was probably one of the main reasons why I want to change the school lunch. He always ate the school lunch but then he told mom to start packing his lunch every day because he didn’t like the small portions. So I decided to make a difference. I hope you have time to answer this letter you are probably really busy but it would be nice. Sincerely Kyler E. Cox


After sending the letter he patiently waited for a response, figuring that he wouldn’t hear anything. Kyler remembers something he was once told, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”. Then three days before the end of school Kyler was on a field trip and when he returned to school, Mrs. Luce met him with a big vanilla envelope in her hand. It said, ”First Class Do Not Bend” and was addressed to Kyler. He opened it and read to the class a letter from none other then First Lady Michelle Obama. He was so excited.


She thanked Kyler for contacting her about the new lunch guidelines. She told him about the basic lack of nutrition in the lunches, going on to tell him about the Child Nutrition Bill, which improved the school meals for the first time in 15 years. Those lunches will have more fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy and whole grains.


Kyler wants to make sure that everyone knows that if they put their mind to do something, they can do it! He added, “I couldn’t’ have done any of this without all of my schoolmates and a special shout out to Mrs. Brandon and Mrs. Speights. I am probably going to give Michelle Obama more feedback and I hope if you decide to tell her something, then you should”.


kyler cox


Sharie Voorhees/Lamar Democrat


Kyler Cox is shown with his letter and autographed picture of First Lady Michelle Obama.





























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