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New process is in practice for subscription renewals


Lamar Democrat


A new process for subscription renewals is in the works at the Lamar Democrat to alert subscribers that their paper is due. A green postcard is now sent to subscribers that come due during that month. This postcard will state what month the subscription is due, as well as the cost to renew and is sent from our corporate office, Lewis County Press LLC, out of Canton.


Those wishing to renew their subscription may either mail the amount to the corporate office at P.O. Box 227, Canton, MO 63435 or they can still be dropped off at the Democrat office, 100 E. 11th St., Lamar, or mailed to P.O. Box 458, Lamar, MO 64759. Those wishing to use a debit or credit card may do so by calling me at 417-682-5529, ext. 60.


Subscribers may also look at their label and at the top left it will state the exact date that the subscription is due.


In the past second notices have been sent and this too has changed. Subscribers will now receive a follow-up phone call to remind them that their paper is due. The call will be coming from the corporate office, as well. There have been some concerns expressed from various individuals receiving these phone calls. They are legit; however, if you have any questions, feel free to verify the fact by calling me. In today’s age one can never be too careful, so if anyone is unsure regarding the call, I will be glad to verify what you have been told.


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