Sharp increase in demand for COVID-19 testing in Missouri

January 05, 2022

Due to a significant increase in demand, there will be a temporary pause on at-home testing kit orders to update system accessibility. Ordering will reopen Thursday morning, Jan. 6. In order to improve the ordering system and allow the contractor to continue shipping kits in a timely manner, DHSS will be making a limited supply available each day through January.

If the ordering site says the limit has been reached, please check back again the following day for availability. This change is needed to ensure all orders received are processed in an expedient manner.

Because of the increased demand and limited test kit shelf life, DHSS requests Missourians only submit requests for immediate testing needs. These kits should not be stockpiled. DHSS would encourage those who need the tests at this time to use them by mailing in their sample as instructed.

If the COVID-19 positivity rate in Missouri increases significantly, the State may work with the vendor to increase the daily ordering allotment. With the high case rates and limited testing supplies available nationwide, now is the time to utilize these tests especially for those who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or have had exposure to a COVID-19 positive case.

It is an important reminder that testing provides information regarding the presence of the virus at that point in time and if taken too early or too late could provide a false sense of security due to lower levels of viral load. For those with COVID-like symptoms, it is recommended they stay home and avoid contact with others just as they would with other viruses.

View testing options can be found at or check with your local public health agency, pharmacy or healthcare provider.