COVID update

March 14, 2022

“Overall we had another good COVID week based upon new and active caseloads,” said Barton County Health Department Administrator Joel Dermott. He went on to add, “As public health reassesses our response following the Omicron outbreak, and in anticipation of the ‘next’ variant outbreak, we are learning more and more about the disease”.

Dermott pointed out that one thing that stands clear in the fog of information overload is that one’s overall health really matters. He noted that statistically speaking, in general, the least healthy fared the worse in the battle against COVID.

According to several studies, the overwhelming majority of COVID deaths in the United States were of people with multiple comorbidities. Dermott stated, “The greater the number of comorbidities, the higher the percentage of severe illness and death.” Dermott pointed out that now is time for everyone to get serious about good health.

Total confirmed COVID cases in Barton County stands at 2,245, with 562 probable cases, three active, 42 confirmed deaths, eight probable deaths, 2,754 recovered and a total of four new cases in the past seven days.