COVID update

March 29, 2022

"The great news is that we have hit ground zero for new cases in Barton County", said Barton County Health Department Administrator Joel Dermott. He stated that the latest sewershed testing still shows Barton County to be 100 percent Omicron BA. 1 variant. Testing in other areas of the state is showing the BA. 2 variant becoming dominant.

"It is very likely that we will see similar results here in the county in the weeks to come" said Dermott, adding, "Interestingly enough, in those areas where the BA. 2 is the dominant variant, the viral loads are not elevated".

Dermott went on to explain that this is good news as it means increasing cases are not occurring where the BA. 2 variant takes hold. There are no new outbreaks associated with BA. 2, which is very welcome news from those who are more than a little COVID weary. Dermott said, "As always, time will tell the story and meanwhile, our focus should be on getting outside, soaking up some sunshine and making personal health a priority".

The total number of confirmed cases in Barton County sits at 2,252, with 584 probable causes, no active, 43 confirmed deaths, eight probable deaths, 2,763 recovered cases and a total number of new cases in the past week showing a big fat zero!